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Happy 11th Birthday Josh

Dear #JoshMcKay,

Tomorrow will be your 11th birthday. I remember the day you were born, very clearly as if it were just yesterday, even although I was on holiday at the time in Canada at the time, I remember the joy in your mum and dad’s voices when we spoke to them, I remember thinking, wow I have a grandson now, how wonderful is that.

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Sisters and their Brothers

My beautiful grandchildrenDear #JoshandArchieMcKay

Well it was Caitlin’s birthday today and as much as she enjoyed it all she said quite a few times how much she missed you both, it made it all very sad, no 14 year old girl should be saying things like that about missing her brothers. Continue reading Sisters and their Brothers

Missing Children

Josn and mummyDear ‪#‎JoshandArchieMcKay

Well its back to Inchview Primary school for you both tomorrow which means it will almost be time again for parent’s night.

It is also your sisters birthday on Tuesday and she says the best gift she could get would be to see you both without all the hassle of trying to do it through her solicitors at Thornton’s in Perth, but she’s resigned herself to once again being disappointed because she knows it’s 99.99% most likely not to happen. Continue reading Missing Children

Active Parental Alienation

So I thought I’d written enough about #pasabusers and how they operate, but it seems that some members of this particular family just cannot help themselves and have to post their vitriolic hate filled abuse online, then when it get’s a little bit hot they try to remove the post. Continue reading Active Parental Alienation

Special Days for Mums Alienated from their Children




Mothers Day, Birthdays, and other holidays usually means for many people the receiving of flowers, gifts and handmade cards and breakfast of burnt toast and cold tea served up with lots of  hugs and laughter. It means celebration and gratitude and rejoicing for doing the job of being ‘mum’ 24/7 365 days per year, come rain or shine, but if like my daughter and you are alienated from your children by their father and his family and new partner, then your Mothers Day was a bittersweet experience and for some this just meant a day filled with misery and tears, grieving for the loss of a child that was still alive somewhere on this planet. Continue reading Special Days for Mums Alienated from their Children

Happy Birthday Josh McKay 08/12/2002

Dear Josh and Archie,

You’ve probably been told lots of things about me by now, about how I left you both and never tried to fight to see you, about how I lied about everything, about how I never wanted either of you, about how I’m not the mum you thought I was. Continue reading Happy Birthday Josh McKay 08/12/2002