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Advice and Support

12809789_1296708630427307_3206977326959736314_nI have been accused recently by the usual crew of hecklers and crackpots of giving ‘dangerous advice to young and vulnerable females’, well I am going to lay it out as simply as I can, because it is becoming more and more obvious to me as time goes on that the usual crew of hecklers and crackpots have the reading age of at most a four year old, and I may be doing a great injustice to most four year old’s, so here it goes…. Continue reading Advice and Support

Christmas and Birthdays Wishes and an Open Letter to Jay McKay

lilys letter to santa


Today I was sadly reminded that it will once again be that time of the year, you know Christmas. I have been trying to avoid thinking about it because it heralds yet another Christmas that our family have not been able to see our grandson’s #JoshandArchieMcKay.

Today is also my son’s 30th birthday which also reminded that it will soon be #JoshMcKays 11th birthday too.

So that is another birthday in our family that my grandsons have missed and another birthday that we will miss.

In January 2016 it will be roughly 4 years since we last saw #JoshandArchieMcKay, the same applies to their mum and sisters.

It is not an easy time of the year.

We are saddened that their father still takes this stance on allowing this alienation to continue, and we are even more saddened that he feels that this is the right way to go, so this is my open letter to #JayMcKay, it is sent to him with no hatred or vindictiveness, nor is it a threat of any kind, it is quite simple a letter from a mother about her child and her grandchildren. It is not hate that I write about, it is nothing other than a request to the father of my grandchildren, nothing more.

Dear Jay, Continue reading Christmas and Birthdays Wishes and an Open Letter to Jay McKay

A Visit with Scotland’s Boys in Blue…….(and I don’t mean the football team either!)

175Today has been a prime example of how one rule works for one person and the same rule applied to another gets a differing result, with no conformity or function of said rule.

In all of our lives we will experience a loss of some type or another, it is never pleasant and it is never pain free, but when a bitter divorce or acrimonious separation happens we all try to hold on to that last shred of dignity and self-respect that we have as parents, as grandparents and as siblings; however, there then comes a point where the silence you have fought so hard to maintain along with that last tiny fragment of your long lost dignity and sanity are  torn from you with all the pain of an Elastoplast being ripped from your skin, that holding onto those final slivers of sanity and silence is no longer an option.

A pack of lies has torn our lives and family apart, those same lies have alienated not only two of my grandchildren from their extended family but also their mother and sisters.

My usual readership will know that two years ago I went through a period of being accused of a crime that I did not commit and was never guilty of in the first place, and then later on I was subsequently found not guilty of by a Judge after a trial lasting two days and costing the taxpayer thousands of pounds no doubt, in court time, police time and witness time, not to mention lawyers etc.

Now I appear to be following the ‘mad hatter down the rabbit hole again’. Yesterday the pleasure of my company was requested by Scotland’s finest boys in blue, and today I met with them at my local Police Station, whereupon I was read my rights and we then had a discussion about the contents of a letter I allegedly wrote in 2013, funny my website wasn’t up and running until October 2014 and it’s taken this person all this time to produce this letter and complain about it along with a whole list of other ‘spurious’ complaints.

I will write about every time I see my grandsons in a public street, and I will write about why I never approached them when they are with other people because it is lethal from my point of view to do so, and today’s ‘voluntary visit to the Police Station’ is exactly and example of that.

But we’ve now come to the point where all of these complaints to the Police is nothing short of ‘harassment’ pure and simple.

All I have ever done with this website was to write about what my daughter, her children, and we as an extended family have been going through, it is our story to tell, it was our pain to live with, yet others have to include themselves in it all by writing all of the vicious and vile comments about my grandsons mother, something that they will one day read and I wonder how long it will take them for the penny to drop and not only realise that they have been lied to for years, but that their mother, who carried them for nine months, gave long hard painful birth to them, nursed them when they were sick, watched them take their first steps and heard them speak their first words, will feel when they realise that she has been torn apart in a despicable and savage way in front of the world.

On a daily basis across the whole of the UK such people with narcissistic tendencies ask professionals of all types from their legal teams, to local authorities, to schools, to health center’s to nurseries and to all who know them to engage in emotional blackmail and extortion; they effectively ask them all to collude, conspire, scheme and falsify facts and law to benefit themselves, harass and oppress families like mine, put children and grandchildren in crisis, inflict emotional distress, and engage in Schadenfreude ( and every single day across this country, fit, loving, normal range parents, siblings and grandparents like us get erased from their children’s and grandchildren’s lives because narcissistic personalities such as those who need the drama of knowing they are full, front and centre stage in the production that is their own lives, and in consequence to this type of behaviour by other narcissists across Scotland, the UK and the rest of the world, each and every day another child loses a parent, their extended family, half of their identity and their heritage.

For many of these children it does take years to figure out what really happened, behind the lies, manipulations and maneuvers and if it can happen to us, as it has, then it could happen to anyone.

It could be you and your child.

You see this is our story and only our story and by choosing to tell the truth as we are means that we are choosing to live on the other side of victim.





A Lay Persons Guide to Parental Alienation


I have now written a fair amount on parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome (PAS) or parental alienation disorder (PAD) from my perspective as a n alienated grandparent and from the perspective of my daughter who is an alienated parent.


I’ve also said to you all before that I am in no way qualified educationally to give an opinion about whether the behavioural changes displayed by an alienated child fit any sort of psychiatric definition. Continue reading A Lay Persons Guide to Parental Alienation

The Parenting Revolution

The Parenting RevolutionHere is  short synopsis of what ‘The Parenting Revolution‘ is all about.

This group are taking a hard look at today’s issues of Parenting while going through a divorce. They look at what parents go through when dealing with CPS and the courts both here and in the USA.
The guys running the group are interested in Skyping/ hearing from any parent in the UK interested in speaking with them. You can find out more information on the links below.

Continue reading The Parenting Revolution