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A Lay Persons Guide to Parental Alienation


I have now written a fair amount on parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome (PAS) or parental alienation disorder (PAD) from my perspective as a n alienated grandparent and from the perspective of my daughter who is an alienated parent.


I’ve also said to you all before that I am in no way qualified educationally to give an opinion about whether the behavioural changes displayed by an alienated child fit any sort of psychiatric definition. Continue reading A Lay Persons Guide to Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation and the Children Involved

don't dwellParental alienation occurs any time that a parent, relative or friend speaks badly about another parent so that a child can hear what is being said. Alienating behaviour may be mild, moderate or severe.

All parents are likely to “lose it” and be inappropriate with their words around children, however, when there is a predominance of negative messages being communicated to a child, these messages can seriously erode the child’s psychological well-being.

In severe cases of parental alienation, children are manipulated and brainwashed (programmed) into such states of confusion that their perception
of events and people around them are severely distorted.

Parental alienation in its most severe form is a heinous form of child abuse and neglect. It is a dangerous manipulation of children’s minds to alter their perception of reality about another parent. The purpose of marginalizing this parent is that he or she has no means to be an effective parent or to cut that parent out of a child’s life entirely, called a ‘parentectomy’. Continue reading Parental Alienation and the Children Involved

The Symptoms and Side Effects of PAS

d626b6567443dc3b8e699a34ab7c91b6It is the systematic denigration of the non-resident parent by the resident parent with the intent of alienating children against the non-resident parent. The pattern of PAS behaviour is common to some degree or other in all custody disputes.

Children who have been alienated will claim that it is their own decision to reject the non-resident parent. Once this happens, it could be several years before the non-resident parent will see their children again.

                                                                                                                                 Dr Richard Gardner MD Continue reading The Symptoms and Side Effects of PAS

Teaching a Child to Despise His or Her Own Parent – PAS Links



”There is no question that parental alienation is a form of child abuse. It is a horror show. The damage to children is enormous.

When a child loses a parent, they are killing off a part of themselves because there is an identity between the child and both parents.

The result is that they become self-injurious. I see all the warning signs and all the flags of the self-hatred: nightmares, anxiety, oppositional behaviors in school, presence of gastrointestinal syndromes, failing school grades, more susceptibility to peers with oppositional behaviors, juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, and depression” – Dr. Raymond Havlicek Continue reading Teaching a Child to Despise His or Her Own Parent – PAS Links

Research on Parental Alienation and its Psychological Effects

10468688_863790520322620_2336285013540583691_nThe concept of the Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) was first coined in 1985 by the late Dr Richard Gardner, an American psychologist, based on his observations of child custody cases involving false allegations of child sexual and/or physical abuse (Gardner, 1985).

According to Gardner (1985) Parental Alienation Syndrome relates to the combination of two contributing factors: Continue reading Research on Parental Alienation and its Psychological Effects