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I Tried My Best…….

FB_IMG_1442418272736I never really thought much about Parental Alienation until it happened to my family, it isn’t one of ‘those things’ that you hear much about on the news or in the main stream media, but in the UK it does happen and it is happening more than people know.

But what is Parental Alienation? Well in short it is a term which is used to describe the behaviours used by a parent which is often mirrored by other family members, it is used to manipulate children’s minds with the end motive being to sever all ties and links with the child’s other parent and their extended family. Continue reading I Tried My Best…….



Dear #JoshandArchieMcKay,

I’ve been sitting here thinking about you both, helping your mum to plan her wedding to David and thinking about how sad it all is that you are most likely still not going to be allowed to attend because of how your father is deliberately keeping you both from your mum, sisters and the rest of our family.

This led me on to thinking about the whole situation and about everything that has gone on over the past three and a half years that we haven’t been allowed to see you both, and about everything we have all at one point or another been accused of and I have come to the following conclusions.

There are many names for those people who actively encourage and that help abusers to do what they do.

Abusers and alienators do not operate on their own. Continue reading Divorce…

Representing Yourself in Court



You can represent yourself in the family court, without a lawyer or barrister. Judges and lawyers are used to dealing with people who are representing themselves in court. If you represent yourself you are called a ‘litigant in person’


Representing yourself in Court

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New Voices: Parental alienation – time to notice, time to intervene


messy divorceThe Psychologist – Sue Whitcombe Writes
Sue Whitcombe looks at broken child–parent relationships and the damage they can cause, in the latest in our series for budding writers

At this precise moment I’m in some manic, hyperactive mode that is suppressing my exhaustion as I beaver away at my urgent ‘to do’ list ahead of my Friday flight to Spain.

Twelve days. Twelve whole days in which I am banned from using my computer, accessing e-mails and reading anything remotely related to my research – express orders from my 15-year old daughter. I had promised her that things would be different once the ‘conference season’ was over. I hadn’t quite anticipated the knock-on effects of disseminating my research. Continue reading New Voices: Parental alienation – time to notice, time to intervene

The Parenting Plan


It is hard enough bringing children up together just as a part of a family unit, so when you have the added emotional upset of separation or divorce the family situation can get very messy, very quickly.


I found this article and site to be of particular interest. It is if you like, a toolkit for parents considering the steps of separation and divorce and if more parents were to consider using a ‘Parenting Plan’ then perhaps Parental Alienation would not be as prevalent in societies around the world as it is today. Continue reading The Parenting Plan

Parental Responsibility – A Guide

mr and mrs rightI am going to try to give you, the alienated parent, a guide that is easy to use to what rights you have.

It is mainly to help you understand what Parental Responsibility is and what it means.

I’ve tried to take into account as many considerations as possible including but not exhaustive of: Continue reading Parental Responsibility – A Guide