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My main interest in Parental Alienation Syndrome has come about through the hard issues of experiencing it first hand and the devastating effects it has had on not only my daughter as an alienated mother, but also her other children, my grandchildren. I have witnessed first hand the depths to which Parental Alienators will sink to in order to 'win'. I've been driven to the dge by a court case that saw charges brought against me by the alienator in this story and his girlfriend, how he managed to lie his way through it all, and how he has convinced many professionals and people who we used to consider friends who should have known better that he is the 'good guy' in all of this and that my daughter has deliberately abandoned her children without a backward glance. Meanwhile abuse that has been reported goes uninvestigated and the parental rights of my daughter are being blatantly ignored and cast aside by Perth and Kinross Council. I do not claim to be an expert on PAS. I do claim to know what it is like to be on the recieving end of an alienators ruthless and abusive attacks on me as a person and to understand the devastation that PAS leaves in its wake. I know of and fully understand the frustration of trying to get someone in authority to listen and actually believe what you are saying. When someone tells you they would rather kill themselves and their children rather than allow access to their mother or hand them back to their mother, you expect people to sit up and take notice, or to at least listen to your concerns in a manner that is honest and open. I'm sad to say that it no longer surprises me to read of children being murdered by those who are supposed to be caring for them, and as a society we will never learn from these mistakes. Until those who are in such professions as Childrens Services actually sit up and take notice of what is being said to them, things will always remain like this. I am not tarring ALL Social Workers with the same brush. My sister has been one for 27 years and has supported and guided me through some of this maze. But what she has shown me is that not all Social Workers want to listen, and not all Social Workers want to believe that YOU as a Joan Bloggs right off the street, without any University Degree in this field, might actually have a clue about what they are talking about, and hell mend you if you happen to know your rights! My experience, and that of my daughter with our local Social Work and Education Department here in Perth and Kinross has been abysmal to say the least. At every turn we have been blocked, been told that such things as the UN Conventions of the Rights of the Child does not apply to their office, we've been continually swatted away like flies, only to keep returning to what some may call the same old 'merde' day after day, weeek after week. We see no real end in sight, because until someone actually does listen and take into account the existence of my daughters Parental Rights and the Rights of my Granddaughters to be heard and believed, then we will continue. As grandparents we have no rights, and legal redress takes an eternity and costs an arm and a leg, but as a mother I have every right to stand up and protect my own children and their rights to a fair and just hearing. This is why I have created GNAT, because it is not only the parents who are alienated, but the wider family are also alienated, thus denying the children of such families the right to a whole family life.

Happy 12th Birthday Josh

Dear Josh,

Once again we are missing another birthday in what really is a very short childhood.

You’re turning into a young man and we’ve missed, no we have been denied, so many milestones, birthdays and turning points in your young life.

So here are some of the parts in our lives you are missing out on….

Yesterday Lily danced her socks off in a school dancing competition you would have been so proud of your little sister, she loves dancing and singing and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the entertainment business when she’s older.

Caitlin is studying for seven prelims in January, she is excelling in Math and languages and is making us all very, very proud of how much she is achieving.

Sienna has just completed her first nursery term and her teachers think she’s adorable, as do we all.

We have a new dog, and she’s very very cute.

You’re mum is finally learning to drive….so she’ll soon be much more mobile. You’re mummy, David and sisters are all booked up for a lovely two week holiday to your favourite destination next year…maybe by that time things will have moved on.

We all miss you both very, very much Josh and soon it’ll be Christmas again…you are now deemed old enough to make you’re own decisions and choices in your life.

We can only hope and pray that you choose the right paths, you could choose to visit us or call us, you could choose to contact your sisters or your mum, all you need to do is private message this page and it can be arranged.

We would ALL be so happy to either hear from you or see you (not forgetting wee arty farty pants Archie)

We know that you might find this hard to do because you’ve been told so many times that we all abandoned you both, that we no longer loved or cared about you both or that we never wanted to see you again.

But all of that is simply untrue. And if you ever give us the chance to show you EVERYTHING we have ever tried to do to speak, see or hear from you both, you might be surprised to learn you’ve been lied to and kept in the dark about many, many things.

If you feel that you owe you’re dad and his girlfriend some sort of loyalty you may change your mind when you learn the truth.

Trying to get through yet another birthday without having you in our lives in very hard, especially so for your mum and sisters, it makes us all sad, so we could do without the cruel posts from those people in your lives which are designed to deliver the worst and cruelest form of hurt another human being can inflict on another.

So to let the world know that we haven’t given up the fight to see you both and that we are not afraid of those flying monkeys who seem to think they rule the world, we decided to call The Maltings and ask them to give you our message, I hope they did, I think they must have because not long after the posts disappeared, but not before they had been screen printed.

If you ever get the chance to read this you’ll see and understand just how cruel those posts were.

Every day is hard, we stumble through hoping for a ray of hope, we hope that it is coming, it’s all bundled up in red tape, maybe one day that red tape will become a big red bow who knows.

We haven’t given up, we are still fighting, neither of you are forgotten, we will be there to the bitter or happy end, the door will always be open to you both, always, all either of you have to do is take a step forward….

So here for you Josh, on your 12th Birthday is a small list of legal things you can now achieve without your father’s permission.

Things you can do at the age of 12 in Scotland….


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Hello Josh and Archie – We Miss You So Much

hearts-2Dear #JoshandArchieMcKay,

It has been a while since I last wrote to you both and I am sorry about that. I find it hard to sit down at my laptop and tell you both how much you are missed in our everyday lives, it’s hard listening to other grandparents talking proudly about their grandchildren, telling funny stories about them and hearing about how they have spent a day, night, weekend or holiday abroad with them.

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When Two Tribes go to War



Some people seem to think that Parental Alienation is a game to be played. The blinkers of hatred that cloud their judgment stop them from seeing the bigger picture. The need for revenge is so strong with these people that their every waking thought seems to be about ways to bring the other person down, the only place they are bringing the absent parent down to is their level, which is usually below the gutter.

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What’s Love Got to Do with It…..

13177177_1576505552641932_2457046837278823513_nI was recently invited to ‘like’ another Facebook Community page dealing with Parental Alienation, but before I could hit that little ‘like’ radio button I had to give the whole why thing some thought, and these were the conclusions that I came to and wrote to the page owner on.

I find it quite horrifying, yet at the same time inspiring, that the number of community pages and groups, private or public, dealing with the insidious evil that is Parental Alienation seems to be exploding on the great big wide world of the Internet and social media. Continue reading What’s Love Got to Do with It…..

The Serious Crime Act 2015

The Serious Crime Act (2015)

So I thought it was time to write another little piece about Parental Alienation and how the Police do not see it as an issue.

My daughter has now reported this issue on several occasions and has never had any sort of update that has been worth having. Continue reading The Serious Crime Act 2015

Bullies and Domestic Violence



So it was a beautiful sunny day and there I was in Perth’s city centre High street, minding my own business, sitting waiting…. just waiting….and along the side of my car comes this person, who then proceeds to call me a ‘skanky shite’, (well coming from this one it is all a bit rich really) but before she can say anything else a police car pulls up just at the lights on the High street, not far from where I am legitimately parked, and, well, just waiting…. but before I can respond to her she literally scuttles, and I do mean scuttles off, further up the High street. Continue reading Bullies and Domestic Violence

When Your Best is Not Enough



There are times, sadly, when your very best just never seems to be good enough. It’s not because you lack the ability to do your best, but because the system does not want you to succeed at doing your best.

For those of you who follow and like this page I want to update you all on what has been going on, or not, and how this has affected my daughter, her daughters and our family in general. Continue reading When Your Best is Not Enough

Change….or Not……



Change…..or Not…..

It is always heartbreaking for me to read private messages from parents who have been put through an absolute nightmare by their exes, their exes families and friends, and in particular those in local authority and in Police forces who could have done so much more to help alleviate their issues. Continue reading Change….or Not……

Fake Social Media Profiles

We were recently given the joy of laughter at the usual crew of hecklers and crackpots by their attempts to create ‘something’ via the use of fake Facebook profiles. It’s disturbing to think that these people are in daily contact with my two vulnerable grandsons and it makes me wonder what type of people they will grow up to be….that also goes for the hecklers and crackpots….!

So here are a few for your entertainment and for our recording of events.

Eventually I am glad to say Facebook finally removed the ‘Ash Jamieson’ profile because it became abusive.