Hello Josh and Archie – We Miss You So Much

hearts-2Dear #JoshandArchieMcKay,

It has been a while since I last wrote to you both and I am sorry about that. I find it hard to sit down at my laptop and tell you both how much you are missed in our everyday lives, it’s hard listening to other grandparents talking proudly about their grandchildren, telling funny stories about them and hearing about how they have spent a day, night, weekend or holiday abroad with them.

These are all the things we used to do with you. Now we don’t even have the luxury of a phone call or even a text message.

This is a ridiculous and horrible situation for us all, and it doesn’t even have to be like this, you probably have no idea how sad your mummy and sisters are because they have not seen you both for four plus years now, but when they talk about you and all the things you used to do together as a family, their faces light up with such joy that it breaks my heart.

You both probably have no idea about how much you are both really missed too, each and every single minute of every single day, not a second goes but when one of us are thinking about you both. Every time something good happens it a bittersweet experience, because we have no way to tell you of it except here.

We always wonder what you are both up to. The last time your mum was in Perth she went looking for you both because she wanted to see you both and speak to you both. She understands that Josh, you may not want to speak to her right now because your head has been filled with so many lies about how she ‘abandoned’ you both, and she knows that this is a really difficult situation for you to be in and that you will want to be ‘loyal’ to your dad, but she also knows that given time, eventually that will change, all you need is the truth and time. But believe me when I say this she is coming for you both, without a doubt.

The wheels are now in motion.

You have missed as much in our lives as we have missed in yours. We have been denied birthdays, Christmases, school events and holidays, and all because certain people want total control of the situation, I am going to tell you that when your father divorced your mother he did so in such an underhand way that she was not even aware of the divorce until it happened. This meant that your mother was denied her chance to turn up at the court and tell her side of the story. It meant that your mum could not have the chance to tell the Judge that for the last four years she has been denied any contact with you, that she has been threatened with physical violence should she turn up at your home, school or anywhere else you both go.

Every single day since we started writing about this has brought something else from those people who believe they have a right to be involved when in actual fact they do not and they only make the situation worse with their lies and viciousness and vindictive behaviours.

The day will come, very soon we hope, when your dad will need to stand up in another Court room and be found out in all of his lies. He is going to make his legal representative look like a fool when they find out the extent of his deceptions, and the Court will see this whole sorry situation for what it really is, Parental Alienation and Destructive Coercive Parenting by your dad and his girlfriend, and all those little inconsequential flying monkeys that are always around.

What I cannot wrap my thoughts around are this. If your dad and his girlfriend have created such a strong happy family unit why are they so worried about letting us as grandparents, or your sisters or your mum see you both.

What are they so afraid of?

Could it be the TRUTH?

Maybe it is because they know you will ask your sisters what has been going on, and they know that your sisters will tell you the truth, it doesn’t matter what we tell you, they can, and will always find a way to strip the truth out of anything we say and twist it till it looks like nothing we said at all, but your sisters, well that is a whole different ball game isn’t it.

You know they have nothing to gain from any of this, they are not interested in the plotting and scheming that went on, nor are they interested in the why’s and wherefores of your parents divorce, all your sisters care about is seeing you both again and telling you both you were never forgotten, abandoned or unloved, not ever.

I have said this many times before and given your dad the opportunity to do the right thing and let your mum and sisters see you both, but he has chosen not to do this, whatever his reasons they are wrong on so many levels. To rip you both out of everyone’s lives is so immoral.

You must both often be wondering why we all seem to have abandoned you both, when in actual fact the truth of the matter is we have not, we never did and we never will.

That it has even come this far is just astonishing, wicked and sad. We all long to see you both, even just to speak to you would mean so much to us. We have never changed our phone numbers, or email addresses and you can always contact us here or through the Facebook page just click on the link below. You are not the only children in this situation and we are not the only grandparents in this situation.

You have no idea how much it would mean to us to speak to you again and you never will unless things change, something we are hoping for through the Courts.

We all miss you both so much, we just wanted you both to know that we are still here, we still think of you both, still wonder how you are getting on in school, what you are up to hobby wise and wish we had the luxury of telling you all of this to you and not like this on a blog, written in public for anyone to see our pain and the torture we go through knowing you are so near yet also knowing that if we try to contact you both we will once again be subjected to a situation where no doubt the Police will become involved, just like the last time, maybe it is time to no longer care about such things and just do it and let the consequences of our actions take their course.

Anyway, Josh and Archie, know this, we love you, miss you, and we will never ever give up on the hope that one day we will see you again, and someday you will get to know about everything we have written, about how we never gave up on that hope and just why we had no contact for all these years. Get in touch.