When Two Tribes go to War



Some people seem to think that Parental Alienation is a game to be played. The blinkers of hatred that cloud their judgment stop them from seeing the bigger picture. The need for revenge is so strong with these people that their every waking thought seems to be about ways to bring the other person down, the only place they are bringing the absent parent down to is their level, which is usually below the gutter.

They see it as a game of ‘we have the kids, we are going to taunt you and make you as miserable as hell, we are winning, because we have the kids with us and you don’t’.

Which is pathetic really.

It’s easy to find the information here on the blog if you are really that interested in Social Media posts where a certain person who owns a Perthshire greasy spoon brazenly stated how she will make sure our grandsons never have anything else to do with either us or their mother and sisters.

I can just see the milk curdling in my coffee now at the mere mention of it all….

The games played by these type of people go a long way in showing their type of narcissistic behaviours for what they really are. It says a lot about their upbringing and fuels the fire of the nature or nurture debate.

You know when they are blaming someone else for their mistakes and hatreds in life that they are hiding something they never want you to find out, but then that is going back to the ‘Secrets’ posting!

Children deserve to see and have contact with both parents. No one other than a court has the right to take that away from any parent, and no parent ever deserves to be vilified because they felt that the choices they were making for the sake of their children was ever the wrong one.

When I see, read and hear about these people who openly flaunt the new Law on Domestic Violence I am astounded but not surprised that they continue to get away with it, much more work with Police forces needs to be carried out to support and inform them of complex family issues such as Parental Alienation.

You would think that for the sake of the mental health and well-being of your child no one would ever choose this type of conflict, yet here we are stuck in the middle of what is essentially a very basic tribal battle for control, yet we do not wish control, my daughter and we only want access, only to tell our grandsons #JoshandArchieMcKay that we love them, that their mother and their sisters miss them very, very much, to uproot them from their school, friends and surroundings would now be very cruel.

As with Perth and Kinross Council, many parents tell me that they are having real issues with getting their local authorities to assist them. It would seem that the minute you write the words ‘parental alienation’ on any correspondence to such local authorities they run screaming for the hills, you may as well be swearing at them profusely.

But, they should as the people with responsibility for Child Protection, be asking themselves why is this? Why do we not want to recognise that Parental Alienation exists, is it because it is yet another ‘label’ to add to an ever growing dictionary? But they should be addressing this and looking more closely at the whole Parental Alienation idea especially since the Scottish Governments GIRFEC seeks to address the need for better child protection.

Till now I have not come across that many mental health practitioners who are even prepared to openly discuss this matter, however with the latest debate on Parental Alienation and the Solutions Available debate taking place in London Karen Woodall finally starts to instill some hope in many of us that things may be changing, well in London anyway!


We need more professionals like her standing up for the alienated child and their targeted parent, speaking out about what really goes on and the mental health issues that the alienating parent and their tribe of flying monkeys obviously seek to project onto their children.

Perhaps it would be easier to have the term ‘Parental Alienation’ inserted as a sub heading under the heading ‘Child Abuse Types’. Parental Alienation of a child is harmful, it is abusive, it is coercive, controlling and erosive to that child’s mental health, not to mention the destructive capabilities it has on extended family and sibling relationships. This is an alienating parent’s way in which they openly show the contempt they have for their children’s overall well-being.

Parental Alienation is a stealthy domestic violence type of attack on the absent parent, and children are the weapons with which the alienators seek to shoot them down, nothing more and nothing less and should be more widely recognised as such in Scotland the UK overall.

I urge you to watch the following link. It is informative and I know many of you as targeted parents, grandparents and alienated children will automatically get it.


It is time to move away from the fear, it is time to meet it head on and fight it, it is time to take back control of the relationship you should be having with your child.

This might be a small Scottish webpage but 83,800 people saw the post at the top of this blog with over 70 percent of them being based here in the UK so someone, somewhere took notice!