Happy 6th Birthday Archie

Dear Archie,

Today you are 6 years old. You have no idea what is going on. You are too young to understand that you have been ripped out of the life you could have had with your mummy and sisters. It’s been like this since you were 18 months old.

Six years old and so much you don’t know. Things that are so important, things like how much you are loved and missed each and every day, all the things that are going on in Caitlin, Lily and Sienna’s life, how much they all miss you too.

We’ve asked to see you through all the proper channels and each time we’ve been denied. But in Scotland grandparents have no rights, which is so wrong.

You probably don’t even remember us now, that is incredibly sad.

So today Archie I hope you have fun; I hope you get the gifts that you asked for and that you manage to blow out those 6 big candles on your cake.

It’ll be hard for your mummy today, everytime she misses a birthday or other event it breaks her heart just a little bit more.

I wish we all had the chance to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Archie.

How can people be so cruel, callous and calculating. There have been so many opportunities for your dad to have made this right yet he has refused every time.

We love and miss you both very, very much #JoshandArchieMcKay