Bullies and Domestic Violence



So it was a beautiful sunny day and there I was in Perth’s city centre High street, minding my own business, sitting waiting…. just waiting….and along the side of my car comes this person, who then proceeds to call me a ‘skanky shite’, (well coming from this one it is all a bit rich really) but before she can say anything else a police car pulls up just at the lights on the High street, not far from where I am legitimately parked, and, well, just waiting…. but before I can respond to her she literally scuttles, and I do mean scuttles off, further up the High street.

One tweet, and five minutes later, after calling her a coward on Twitter, for not actually calling me names to my face, she has literally run back down and decides to then photograph me and my car from the pavement, standing there like some type of pathetic idiot.

Well it is nice to be photographed on such a beautiful day so I hope she got my good side….

But then later on social media where of course no one can ask her what her issue is she then posts the following and has the cheek to call me a stalker…. well if you think that you do know where the local police station is, I mean you have been there often enough and not always for the right reasons either.

But then as a ‘bully’ this is what is to be expected. When a person like her cannot cope with their own issues and shortcomings they decide that the resolution to their issues is to take it out on someone else, in this case me, a disabled person who will always a soft target.

Something is obviously so unsatisfactory in this particular woman’s life and the reality is that she does not  know how to deal with it, but instead of taking a step back and out of this situation and equation, which at the end of the day has nothing really to do with her, she thinks that it is okay for me and my daughter (and one friend in particular) to be her personal punching bag, sometimes on a physical level and other times verbally as is demonstrated throughout by the screen prints taken from some of her posts.

But why should my family and friends pay for her issues? I don’t think so.

Of course, she could be one of these bullies who just does it for the kicks, that would be the ‘narcissist’ in her coming to the fore.

Thankfully this type of bully is usually few and far (but not far enough away) between, although other members of her female clan show the same tendencies, but they know they do it because they can get a rise out of you, and they enjoy it, unless you do something about that and take control of your own behaviour, it will always continue.

For these types of bullies there will always be that little bit of warped something about trying to exert some form of control over our emotions that will make them happy that they do it, for us it is the non-contact of any sort with our grandsons that is being used as the tool.

Bullying comes in many forms, for us it is the coercive control they hold over our grandsons, it is the non-contact of any sort, it is the ‘you’ll never get to see them again’ jibes, and the utterly devious way they plan to get away with this, but the essence of a bully will always be the same, their inadequacies and feelings of jealousy, and in this case, the fear that eventually they  will be seen for the pond life that they really are, and will erased from our grandsons lives are the driving force behind this particular instance.

It is always simpler for the bully to see their targets as easier to manipulate, weaker, and dominate.

It is all about being seen as ‘bigger and better’ than the rest of us, when in fact it shows them up for the shallow people that they are.

The Law in Scotland on Domestic Violence is abundantly clear, it is just a shame certain Police areas do not see it as such.

Time and the Law will eventually catch up with these bullies.

So for the sake of posterity and as evidence for my grandsons who will eventually know exactly what we have had to deal with here are just two of her posts on the matter of ‘stalking’.

****If you are person suffering from such bullying or domestic abuse please see the links to  the Scottish Government website, ‘the key facts’,  Police Scotland website safety advice and Scottish Women’s Aid****