2016 A New Year

FB_IMG_1442424002524For the past four years now my daughter has thought that not seeing her two sons has been her fault, she now finally understands that it was not her fault, and with all that we have learned together as a family who have been totally cut off and denied any access with or to #JoshandArchieMcKay it is hardly surprising that it has taken her this long to finally understand the horrors that Parental Alienators commit, having to learn what Parental Alienators do is no mean feat.

All of the things we have all learned together about Parental Alienation, Narcissistic Parents and Step Parents, Pathogenic Liars and Simple Minded Bullies who have quite openly and proudly boasted of the brainwashing of our grandsons and the deliberate way they have totally cut out and cut off any other family member that doesn’t suit their wants, not the children’s needs has astounded us both.

That it was not all my daughters fault would take some believing now by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, (but then that is something that Parental Alienators use a lot of, imagination).

Things that have gone on in a previous relationship should never be told to any children, telling a child that a parent who once loved them, took care of them and cherished them but now no longer loves them, is bad, did bad things to them that they don’t remember are things which they cannot, and should not need to take in at a young age.

For my daughter this has had a knock on effect with her new partner and their new family, they have both found it hard to reconcile the events that have blighted their lives, the vindictiveness with which they have been pursued and the hate filled lies that pour from the mouths of those she once knew and trusted, they say a leopard never changes its spots, well only time will tell where her ex husband is concerned. The worse thing about all of this business is that my granddaughters still ask to see their mum’s ex husband from time to time, but they’ve been sorely disappointed at every turn, children know nothing about lies and hatred, they should never have to

Children who are alienated from absent parents, siblings and other family members will never know the truth until they come looking for it, even then it may be hard for them to understand that the other parent has pathogenically lied to them on a prolonged and continual basis, believing what the parent told them to always have been the truth, after all why would someone who professes to love and care for you lie to you?

It must be so hard trying to keep up with all of the lies that Parental Alienators tell their children daily. Such Parental Alienators should be considered to be a very real risk to their children’s Mental Health and Well-Being. These parents need any and all the extra help and counselling that is available to them, because any parent who deliberately does this to a child of a previous relationship quite clearly needs mental health support.

It’s crystal clear to my daughter and I now that people who alienate children are quite simply evil, they do not understand the meaning of the words love, loss and compassion, but then parental alienators need to have someone to take out their anger on, so the ex gets it directly through the strategy of alienating the child, but the children get it too, through the act of alienating them from the absent parent, no one but the alienators win here.

It must be a continual bone of contention for parental alienators to continually have to explain where the ‘other parent’ is and why their children are not allowed to have access with them, their siblings or extended families. Personally speaking I hope that every single parental alienator out there finds it a huge embarrassment, because as time moves swiftly by, and as attitudes change and Joe Public’s eyes are opened further to the evil that Parental Alienation is, the more embarrassing it is going to become for Parental Alienators.

So to my grandsons and each and every other alienated child out there who is wondering what the hell they ever did that led to the ‘other parent’ walking away and leaving them, no longer loving them and who are continually brainwashed into believing the lies they are force fed daily by the ‘caring parent’ my heart goes out to you all. Someday I hope you will all find out the truth about what went on to deny you that other parent being in your life, someday you will seek out the truth, perhaps from websites like this, perhaps from siblings who have no reason to lie to you about what when on, or perhaps from the ‘absent parent’ themselves, whichever way you do it, do look for the truth and know that someday those who have alienated you deliberately will feel the raw pain that all alienated parents currently feel as you finally turn to those who truly love you, unconditionally and completely.

We can only hope that 2016 will be the turning point for many alienated children as the Laws in the UK finally start to change.