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I Tried My Best…….

FB_IMG_1442418272736I never really thought much about Parental Alienation until it happened to my family, it isn’t one of ‘those things’ that you hear much about on the news or in the main stream media, but in the UK it does happen and it is happening more than people know.

But what is Parental Alienation? Well in short it is a term which is used to describe the behaviours used by a parent which is often mirrored by other family members, it is used to manipulate children’s minds with the end motive being to sever all ties and links with the child’s other parent and their extended family. Continue reading I Tried My Best…….

Christmas and Birthdays Wishes and an Open Letter to Jay McKay

lilys letter to santa


Today I was sadly reminded that it will once again be that time of the year, you know Christmas. I have been trying to avoid thinking about it because it heralds yet another Christmas that our family have not been able to see our grandson’s #JoshandArchieMcKay.

Today is also my son’s 30th birthday which also reminded that it will soon be #JoshMcKays 11th birthday too.

So that is another birthday in our family that my grandsons have missed and another birthday that we will miss.

In January 2016 it will be roughly 4 years since we last saw #JoshandArchieMcKay, the same applies to their mum and sisters.

It is not an easy time of the year.

We are saddened that their father still takes this stance on allowing this alienation to continue, and we are even more saddened that he feels that this is the right way to go, so this is my open letter to #JayMcKay, it is sent to him with no hatred or vindictiveness, nor is it a threat of any kind, it is quite simple a letter from a mother about her child and her grandchildren. It is not hate that I write about, it is nothing other than a request to the father of my grandchildren, nothing more.

Dear Jay, Continue reading Christmas and Birthdays Wishes and an Open Letter to Jay McKay