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A Lay Persons Guide to Parental Alienation


I have now written a fair amount on parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome (PAS) or parental alienation disorder (PAD) from my perspective as a n alienated grandparent and from the perspective of my daughter who is an alienated parent.


I’ve also said to you all before that I am in no way qualified educationally to give an opinion about whether the behavioural changes displayed by an alienated child fit any sort of psychiatric definition. Continue reading A Lay Persons Guide to Parental Alienation

June 2015 and The Alienators Just Can’t Leave it Alone






So our particular ‪#‎PASischildabuse‬ alienators are at it again on their Facebook accounts. They seem to think it’s incredibly funny to actually denigrate the mother of the children they are looking after, so here are the pictures for future reference of the Family Court where Residency and Access hearings will be heard and of course for ‪#‎JoshandArchieMcKay‬who will get to know the truth when they are older about what exactly went on.

So these are the two females who not only follow on  but also on Twitter under various names and guises, and who also attempt to intimidate followers on twitter and also follow our GNAT Facebook and Google pages. It is interesting that they think it is all about them, when in actual fact when a narcissist reveals themselves in this way it really become obvious that it is all about THEM.

It is hard to believe that these people are actually in day to day contact with my grandsons while their mum sits and waits for news on access and residency of them.

I would like to point out that there are many people on the GNAT Facebook account who live near these people, although I have asked them NOT TO TELL ME where they live. I have asked them to pass on any pertinent information to their local Police Station and or Social Work Department.

And while we are on the subject of ‪#‎allanabruce‬ perhaps Perth and Kinross Council could explain which school it was that ‘raised concerns about Allana Bruce’, not hearsay either came from an extremely reputable and impeccable source, so somewhere in your files at PKC SW and Educ Dept there is a record of this.

Representing Yourself in Court



You can represent yourself in the family court, without a lawyer or barrister. Judges and lawyers are used to dealing with people who are representing themselves in court. If you represent yourself you are called a ‘litigant in person’


Representing yourself in Court

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The Rebecca Minnock Story



Lately we’ve all be hearing about the case of a young mum ‪#‎RebeccaMinnock‬ who has gone on ‘the run’ with her small son Ethan. Whilst I DO NOT condone anything that is illegal in this case without knowing all the facts the press and the public on social media seem to be vilifying this young woman for her actions.

It was not that long ago that the press reported sensationally on the parents of a disabled boy who ‘ran’ with him to Spain and then onward’s so they could seek the right kind of medical treatment for him. In the end I’m not even sure if that family got any sort of official apology.

Yet here we are again, commenting and reporting on the case of #RebeccaMinnock as if we all know all the facts. Many dads groups are up in arms about this, outraged and saying if this was a dad it would be a lot worse, how so, that other parent would still be going through the torment and anguish of not knowing where that child was, the full force of the Law (which is a bit of an ass in my opinion when it comes to family matters such as PAS) would still apply. Continue reading The Rebecca Minnock Story

A Poem For My Sons Josh and Archie McKay


josh n mummy

archie and mummy

For Josh and Archie McKay

I cannot grieve, you are not gone

You are not here, I’m all alone

I miss your smiles, your cheeky grins

Those little dimples on your chin


Ten tiny toes and fingertips

I felt your love at your first grip.

I held you tight within my chest

The closest love, the very best


I gave you life, you gave me love

And now you’re gone, there’s not enough….

Of smiles and laughter, tears and joy

You were my ones, my little boys


I cannot grieve, you are not gone

You are not here, I’m all alone

My sadness darkens the lightest mood

Because you’re missing, from my brood


I cannot grieve, you are not gone

My life feels empty, and so forlorn

I miss you more with each passing day

And yet ….you are not far away


I cannot grieve, you are not gone

You are not part, of my happy home

Your sisters miss you, granny too

They send their love and hugs to you


I cannot grieve, you are not gone

My little boys I miss you so

I want to see you both again, walk through my door

With happy smiles and tears of joy


With lots of love from mummy, I miss you both so much.


©Jillian McKay 21st May 2015